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 Custom Kido Template

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PostSubject: Custom Kido Template   Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:51 pm

Obviously there aren't all that many Kido spells used in the canon. Sure there are a handful, but there's plenty of room to make your own. Use this template to create your own spells so the staff can look over them and decide if they should be added to the official list of Kido or not. Keep in mind custom Master level and above spells can only be made by members of Divison 5. Kaido spells are reserved for the 4th division only as well. The number and rank must correlate appropriately:
1-9 Basic
10-29 Novice
30-49 Apprentice
50-69 Expert
70-89 Master
90-99 Transcendent

Name: Name of your Kido
Number: Number of your Kido (can't already be taken)
Type: Hado, Bakudo, or Kaido
Rank: Basic, Novice, Apprentice, Expert, Master, or Transcendent
Incantation: Words needed to power the Kido
Description: What does your Kido do?


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Custom Kido Template
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