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 Tier Listing

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PostSubject: Tier Listing   Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:54 am


These are the tiers we use on this site and the races that are able to get them and at what rank. If it states a Class is able to get a tier at a certain rank, then that Class is able to get all the ranks of that tier that are below that rank. In other words the available ranks listed for the various classes is their MAX rank in the given tier.  Please follow the guidelines of what Races/Classes can get what or there'll be consequences, and well... that's no fun for anyone, except me.



Basic: All Classes besides Human.
Novice: Soldat, Viscount, Imperfect, Seated Shinigami, Gikon, Gillian.
Apprentice: Jagdarmee, Count, Perfect, Lieutenant, Mod soul, Adjuchas.
Adept: Sternritter, Czar, True, Captain, Variant Mod soul, Vasto Lorde, Kukol, Transbringer, Visored, Zanpakuto Spirit, Arrancar.
Expert: Above Captain
Master: Erzengel.
Transcendent: None.


Basic: None
Novice: Base Shinigami, Hollow.
Apprentice: Seated Shinigami, Gillian.
Adept: Lieutenant, Adjuchas, Erzengel, Kukol.
Expert: Captain, Vasto Lorde, Visored, Arrancar.
Master: None
Transcendent: None


Basic: None.
Novice: Base Quincy, Base Fullbringer.
Apprentice: Soldat, Imperfect.
Adept: Jagdarmee, Perfect, Kukol, Visored.
Expert: Sternritter, Erzengel, True, Transbringer.
Master: None.
Transcendent: None.


Basic: None.
Novice: Base Shinigami, Base Blank.
Apprentice: Seated Shinigami, Gikon.
Adept: Lieutenant, Mod Soul, Transbringer.
Expert: Captain, Variant Mod soul, Visored, Zanpakuto Spirit.
Master: None.
Transcendent: None.


Basic: None.
Novice: Base Quincy, Base Bount.
Apprentice: Soldat, Viscount,
Adept: Jagdarmee, Count, Corrupted Zanpakuto Spirit.
Expert: Sternritter, Czar, Erzengel, Kukol.
Master: None.
Transcendent: None,


Basic: None.
Novice: Base Bount, Base Fullbringer, Hollow.
Apprentice: Viscount, Imperfect, Gillian.
Adept: Count, Perfect, Adjuchas, Pure Zanpakuto Spirit.
Expert: Czar, True, Vasto Lorde, Transbringer, Arrancar.
Master: None.
Transcendent: None.


Basic: None.
Novice: Base Blank.
Apprentice: Gikon.
Adept: Mod Soul, Arrancar.
Expert: Variant Mod Soul, Zanpakuto Spirit.
Master: None.
Transcendent: None.
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Tier Listing
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