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 Organization Template

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PostSubject: Organization Template   Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:43 pm

Organizations are large groups, usually of a single race, that all share common goals or beliefs. These Organizations always have a leader, depending on how the hierarchy is set up. For one to create an Organization they must first be at the highest possible level for their Race. (E.G. Vasto Lorde Arrancar, Captain Visored, Czar Kukol.) Secondly they must have 2 other PCs willing to join their Org prior to its approval. Once this is done the Organization may be approved and the leader is allowed to create NPCs to fill the slots until other PCs come to take them. Of course the amount of slots will be limited to an extent. Below is the base template, but with an Organization you can change it around quite a bit to fit what you have in mind, just get the basic information down. Organizations are also allowed to gain something extra for their members, (E.G. Espada gran ray cero) however these will be extremely limited.


Organization Template



[center][u][b][size=16][color=#999999]Organization Template[/color][/size][/b][/u][/center]

[b]Name:[/b] Name of your Organization
[b]Goals/Beliefs:[/b] What drives your organization? What do they exist for?
[b]Symbol: [/b] What is the symbol of your organization? (Not necessary) You can also do different symbols for every member, in which case here you would put the overall theme. (E.G. Espada's Aspects of Death)
[b]Members:[/b] Here you put the members of your Organization starting with the leader.

[b]Other:[/b] Her you'll put anything else about your org, if they get something special between the members, such as an item, ability, or technique, put it here. Just realize these will be very limited so don't go overboard.

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Organization Template
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