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 Alt and Children Rules

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PostSubject: Alt and Children Rules   Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:19 pm

Alt Character Rules

On Bleach Origins the max amount of characters you can have at one time is 5. In order to make a second character one must accumulate 100 posts. In order to make a third character you need to accumulate a total of 250 posts. For a fourth character, 400 posts. For a fifth character 600 posts. These goals may seem a little large but in order to get a large amount of characters you need to prove you can be active, that way we don't have a ton characters sitting there and doing nothing.

If one of your character's die, you may choose to either continue their cycle, as death isn't the end on this site. Or you can scrap them and make a new character. You can scrap your character at any time you want, however every time you do this you need 100 more posts before you can fill up that slot again. So say you scrap your third character, you need to get 100 more posts before you can make a new third character.

Children Rules

Yes your characters are allowed to have children that will, in a sense, be hybrids. However this is very limited to avoid the arise of "Super Characters". The rules concerning these children are as follows:

  • Both parents MUST be PC and have a relationship (At least 5 finished topics between them with 20 posts each minimum. The last of these topics must be the topic of conceiving which may be fade to black or lemon.)
  • A child may choose one universal tier, one Transcendent tier, and two race tiers. These tiers must have been available to their parents. Of course the Transcendent tier is only gain on the child awakening.
  • A child can only Transcend into one of the options available to their parents.
  • A child is only able to pick one of the Reishi manipulations available to their parents.

I understand this may be confusing so here is an example child:

Son of an Arrancar and a Fullbringer:

Chosen Tiers: Speed (Universal), Defense (Transcendent), Perception (Race), Resistance (Race.)
Available Transcendance: Arrancar
Reishi Manipulation: Object Affinity


But yeah, this way we don't end up with super characters, but can get interesting and unique combinations like an Arrancar with Object Affinity. Also, the Child takes the progression route of the class of it's chosen Transcendence. So if it chooses to be able to transcend into an Arrancar, it'll take the hollow route, starting as a human and needing to die to realize it's hollow genes.
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Alt and Children Rules
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