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 Cassandra Relic

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PostSubject: Cassandra Relic   Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:23 pm

Name: Cassandra Relic
Alias: Sandra
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 16
Actual Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5 ft 5
Weight: 100 lbs
Morality: Neutral Neutral


Neutral Neutral.  Sandra is the epitome of the "I don't give a fuck" mentality, she only cares about herself, those who are close to her and no one else. She doesn't go out of her way to mess with people nor does she go out of her way to help people. She is the type of person who would watch someone get hit by a car and promptly continue smoking her cigarette, put it out and take out another one before walking away because she needed to use the bathroom. It isn't that she's a fucked up person it is simply that she doesn't care about other people and doesn't feel the need to care about other people's wellbeing as a result. She isn't a troublemaker of course but on the same token she doesn't try to avoid trouble when she doesn't have to. She's quiet by nature but when she does speak up she is very blunt and straight to the point not sparing someone's feelings or saying nice things because frankly she doesn't care if she hurts people or not. It isn't out of malice and she has enough empathy not to point out hurtful things unless it directly affects her likewise she doesn't tell people's secrets if they feel like they should tell her, once again as long as it doesn't affect her. At the end of the day she does what she wants because that is her only concern and ultimately whether or not other people agree with her or not she doesn't necessarily care.

Her personality stems from her life as a kid, she was bullied often and eventually running and fighting back didn't help so she gave up caring and let things happen. She is somewhat depressing company seeing as she doesn't put much value in her own life and lives each day without planning for the future. Ultimately everything in her life revolves around her current attitude sometimes she feels like going to class other time she feels like sitting in the park and smoking. There are only three things which interest her in the world, smoking, sex and the occult. Smoking is by far her favorite activity in the world despite the fact that it is slowly killing her, she started at thirteen and never stopped smoking a couple cigarettes every day of her life since then. Sex on the other hand is more recreational for her, in her own words it's her "exercise" seeing as she doesn't do anything else like run, cycle or swim. She is the type of person to engage in relations with a stranger, offer up a threesome and fade in and out of relationships because she couldn't be bothered to stay committed to someone. Her fascination with the occult was born mainly out of a need to "spice up her life" she always liked horror movies and thought it was cool that they stemmed from supernatural things as such she went into college majoring in supernatural phenomena much to the ire of her parents. Ultimately she's the type of person who goes through life without a plan or a purpose just living her life one day at a time.

Race: Human
Status: Alive
Feroz City a bustling city filled with life, fun and drugs..oh the drugs so much. Cassandra was born to a former pop idol who had gone down the path of well...stardom. Her mother was in and out of rehab while her father the one who wasn't the star was the one taking care of a young Sandra Relic. They lived comfortably due to her mothers trust fund and in the early years things were good, her mother was going to rehab Sandra went to a good preschool with other children of stars and things were nice and pleasant. Of course that ended when her mother had a relapse and her father filed for divorce as he was finally tired of taking care of both her and her mother. It wasn't the type of tragic story where she gets stuck with her mother and her habits no, her father won custody and the house miraculously. Feroz City legislation deemed her mother incompetent and had her committed and well the Relic name was forever tarnished by the media making the young Sandra the laughing stock of the kids in her elementary school.

Of course eventually she changed schools as a result, well not really she just couldn't afford the best school in the city, and thus had to move down to public education. Thankfully she was relatively unknown for a couple of months before it was leaked who her mother was and the bullying started up again. It was tough for her growing up as after running away the first time eventually she tried fighting back, yet she wasn't strong or tough and the bullying only got worse. Eventually she grew tired of the pain and crying and just stopped caring, regardless of what they did she showed no reaction and they were disturbed by it and left her alone. However it worked so good that she decided she wouldn't care about anything anymore so that she couldn't ever get hurt or bullied again and thus her straight a's turned into b's then c's before finally being multiple d's with the occasional F by the time she got into high school. She had long since picked up smoking after a particularly stressful day on the first day and found it calmed her even further. Her relationship with her father became even more strained as to him, her smoking meant she was just like her mother getting addicted to things and was ruining her life...not that she really cared.

How she got into college was honestly surprising to even her because honestly she didn't remember the last two years of high school seeing as she had been to every party hosted throughout the year. Most of the time she wasn't invited but she showed up anyways simply because she could and no one would even bother to escort her out. She had been to juvi once simply because of the incident where she watched a woman get hit by a car and didn't bother to call for help. Thankfully she was a minor and they couldn't charge her with accessory to murder mainly because she didn't have any obligation to really try and help the woman even though she was the only one other than the driver to see the accident. But that was a while ago, she was now in college and older..wiser (not really) and had made a friend who got along with her. Or rather she got along with as it was fairly easy to get along with Sandra as long as one knew at the heart of it ultimately she really didn't care how your day was or how you were feeling she just couldn't be bothered to tell you to shut up.

What a delightful young lady, yeah?


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Cassandra Relic
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