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 Gotta Love School

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PostSubject: Re: Gotta Love School   Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:38 pm

Captain Obvious. Sandra said when she heard Hatarou's answer, no she was just a random person who had a key to Kaira's house and kept her clothes and food here..of course she was her roomate what type of stupid question was that. Of course those were just some thoughts that ran through her head, she couldn't really be bothered dwelling on it and she would simply blink at Kaira sarcastically calling her a great friend. She liked to think she was an okay friend to have not good or bad just somewhere in the middle of I don't think she really gives a fuck and hey do you wanna drink with me? She would continue watching her show, it was shawn of the dead a good movie she had watched it before but ultimately it never got old and she really hadn't watched it from the beginning ever so she was in luck.

Whether he left because of Kaira's dismissal or not she would take a while before answering Kaira only to raise an eyebrow. Hm? Did you say something? Sandra said before turning to Kaira with a slightly confused facial expression as she didn't realize she did anything wrong before realize what she might of said could be taken as offensive. Oh, you mean the types who can't get it up if other people are watching..Sorry.Not sorry. she said with the last one being thought and seeing as Kaira was her friend she'd probably already guess what she was thinking seeing as she used that expression a lot when talking to people and saying something they found either rude or offensive. She couldn't really help it though ultimately that was just how she was.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotta Love School   Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:56 pm

OOC: Sorry RL hit like a train...

Hatarou was stuck, what was he to say, to do... He sat between the two and their remarks to each other. Than his saving grace, he was asked to leave... He nodded a bit and sighed as he was offered to go. 'Ya i need to get going anyways... Sorry for everything Kaira, see you around! Bye Sandra..." With that he got up and headed for the door, he grabbed his belongings and would walk out of the apartments, he'll most likely never see these two ladies again... He groaned eternally... He should've just went with it like that Sandra chick offered.... Damn his nervous tick of being in a crowd...

Well he was out... Sun seemed to be setting... No point in going to the Library now... When the sun set, they normally started kicking people out unless they had a school pass... You know so the people who were actually doing work could do it... He decided to go to one of his favorite spots and think, where was this? just this bridge over a small river... He liked the view and hey wasn't their a moon out tonight? He didn't care what lunar phase it was in but it was always nice to look at... He arrived at the bridge in one piece and just leaned over the edge watching the lights of the setting sun. Sucks finishing work early and having nothing to do...
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Gotta Love School
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