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 Teilo Markun

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PostSubject: Teilo Markun   Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:35 am

Name: Teilo Markun
Alias:  T
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 24
Actual Age: 24
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 75kg
Morality: Neutral Neutral


Neutral Neutral.  If you wished to hear a summary of Teilo’s entire being, that alignment would suffice better then any other phrase one could put together. There was once a time when this young man was perhaps caring, inspiring and motivated, though no longer. Teilo has a broken heart and mind, though many may fail to realise as it is covered by his outward intersts. His tongue speaks philosophy as if he were a textbook, as the endless stream of sayings etched themselves into his memory, though all these are undermined by the overwhelming realist views he has on the world. In any case, he has no interest in other individuals unless they are either doing something for him, or he wants some from them. In no way would Teilo ever go out of his way to help another being, nor the vise versa. Never would he be made to choose, and if he were its usually solved by coin flips or pointing with your eyes closed. Never would he fight unless he is without any other options. Never will he will deemed stressed or worried, even In the case of his own life, it would be hard to bring upon the full extent of movement or motivation without his grasp.

Teilo will usually be seen sleeping, napping, resting, eating, drinking, smoking, flirting, laying down while fucking or just simply sitting with no purpose. Any sense of responsibility and righteous is lost, compassion in this cruel world only leading to despair. All of this could be attrivuted to a boring individual, though you would be mistaken. Lazy, yes. Optimistically depressed, yes. Lacking enthusiasm, yes. But, his is quite a comedic individual, known well for his infamous black humour, especially in times of hardship and struggle. Also, its rare, but when he does move, he moves. He is an excellent dancer and entertainer when the need arises, the ultimate kiss ass and begger, after all, it was easier then a proper days work. He is a smart individual, his ability to learn and comprehend much greater and the averge mind, yet despite this advantage he still lives as a fool with no intention of straining his brain in any way. ”Why look for a way to do something, when you can look for a way to not.”

Race: Human
Status: Alive
Bortilla. A small mining town surrounded by the density of a brash forest many hours travel from any noteworthy city. A valley of natural wealth almost run dry as prior ventures have scraped the landscape as much as possible before taking leave to avoid the severe weather of excessive heat and subzero snow storms. Poorly constructed huts were all that protected the hopefuls, with any cool breeze or waves of heat slipping through cracks, splits in the wood or holes in the roofs. Many came in search of their personal fortune, many leave not long after arriving, unable to cope with the hunger, frostbite, labor and petty inconveniences experienced daily. Those who stay band together to form a tightly knitted community of strong willed survivors and fools who were incapable of giving up. It was during one of the 3 week nights in this small town, that Teilo was brought into this life. The whole town on standby, acting as assistants to the single drop out doctor as he slaved hours into the usual sleeping hours performing his first Caesarean section with little resources and no instruction. Despite the odds however, both the child and the mother ended healthy, leading to a day long celebration fit to rival those when one quickly found their riches.

Growing in Bortilla was not an easy task to complete, most parents using sense to move away, joining the city life with a new profession, however sensible were not among the words used to describe the Markun’s. They were a family who lived and worked by their own clock and their own terms, seeing the world through eyes which rivaled everyone else’s. ”If life isn’t something you enjoy, then there is no reason for one to live.” A fool and a drunk his father may have been, though no matter how much Teilo scans his memories, the very idea of seeing his father without the imprinted smug looking joy that followed him was an impossibility. With no other children growing up in the town, as well as the constant three month transition cycle from city to modern day frontier, one would assume the boy would pick up a social revolt, however he was more then capable of bonding, content with drifting back and forth between having friends and having no one. Education however was a breeze, with Quarter yearly school based examinations and six months total institutional teaching, and six months of a very intelligent mothers tutoring. This was his childhood, a fighter of the frontier and a class wiz all in one small fame of a man, who was forced into a life of adjustment.

Secondary schooling came before one knew it as years rolled by without notice. Despite having only started, his standard level of knowledge was already at a highschool state. With his half years within a formal school it didn’t take long for notice to come about. A Chance for change came about in the form of an opportunity. Chosen among many of the continents best, Teilo was granted the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious institutions known. Alas, with the approval of his immature yet philosophical parents, a young boy set out on a remarkably controlled journey via air to his new home, leaving everything his life had behind as he accepted this fate. After all, “we are all subject to a time and place, what we believe is our choice, is just a stem.” There was nothing he could do to avoid it, though what is happening is never going to change, what we do with it however, that makes all the difference. Showing no remorse for his choice, the boy would walk through the gates of the Presticia Boarding Academy as one would step into a warm bath. Finding new social clicks were all too easy, becoming combined at the hip over only a few weeks with his roommate, Drake. The next few years are quite predictable, A grade student, student council, lunches on the rooftop with those 5 significant other friends, the group split perfectly in gender. One of which would impact his life more then any other.

Many more years passed, now coming into his final year of formal schooling. Even having only seen his parents once, their bond was still strong, with fortnightly letters forwards and back. 17 years of age with only two real priorities in his life. The first being his academics, as he studied hard each night as one of the stars of a gifted school. The second being his current love interest, Laura. Only after three years of tension and partnership was it made official. Finishing as dux, Teilo was offered a high end cooperate job right out of school, coming with further education fully paid off. Life was all in his favour when the pair, both with families too far away from one another to even consider, ended moving in together despite being so young. The big city, near both of their workplaces, they shared an apartment complex, and lived without ever once suffering from those testimonial fights which appear to always take place in peoples relationships. Still the same boy as he was back in Bortilla, everything in life was made enjoyable, as everything his parents passed on kept strong. He was happy, happy alongside his love. Skip ahead to the age of 22 to see how they are doing. Now living in an already paid off home, we see our hero bent on one knee holding up a small box. A fairy tale proposal it was indeed…But Fairy tales don’t last forever.

One weeks eve to their wedding night, tragedy hit our fated lovers. No one can really say for sure what had happened, maybe believe it was a common hit and run, but it was far too gruesome to even imagine the vehicles speed. She laid across the middle of the street, light posts flattened, shop windows smashed, pools of red water flowing into the road side drain. Fourteen broken bones, several ruptured organs and a crushed throat left her body as nothing but road kill meat. The day of their wedding, Teilo stood atop the rooftop of his company’s workplace, looking down at the street where it took place, ready to take that extra step off the buildings back in order to see the crime scene’s location for the first time. But alas he could not do it, he was simply, too scared. ”Is this all it was worth!? Am I so… The world has always been cruel, especially in its timing. None can compare to nature’s own torture, as she is relentless. There are times when Kami herself is nothing more then a curse, plaguing those who survive with the memories of those who are not. For hours he sat alone, drinking and crying, feeling pain so foreign to him that stopping it was an impossibility. It was his parents who came to find him, knowing where to look, knowing how to comfort him, they too suffering on behalf of their greatest reward.

The following year was passed like a blur, memories lacking, sanity breached, motivation drained out along with his sorrows. Needless to say, he didn’t take to his loss well, as evident by the twisted turn his life had taken. The next twelve months could be broken down into 3 main segments. The first 3 months of pain, where all his time and effort was spent in work to occupy himself completely. The following 4 months consisted of his break, finding himself once more by taking extending vacations and travelling excessively. Then the final 5 months, where he managed to develop a fuck it all attitude. His job was ditched as it cause d too much stress, now working as a part-time bartender at a local tavern by day, club come night, even though it wasn’t ever really his scene. All his money went towards his bills and into drink as his life was slowly edging away until finally we reach the present moment. His savings run dry, his job miserable, the day, cloudy with a strong chance of rain. This was the day our hero will die. Be it by some external means, or be it by his own choice. This was destiny, fate, karma, however else people wish to describe how the world works. Just like his father would always say...

"And so our story begins" - Threasa, Fable two and three
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Teilo Markun
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