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 The Ten Commandments Of Bleach Origin

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PostSubject: The Ten Commandments Of Bleach Origin   Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:45 am

1. Respect others. Pretty straight forward. Don’t insult other members or moderators. They deserve the same respect you deserve.

2. Absolutely do not god mod. If I find any case of you god modding first you get a warning. Second you’re banned for a week. Third account deletion.

3. Respect the mods and admin. If you have a problem with any of them pm Misty and She'll be the judge of their accountability.

4. No single line posts. A single line post means nothing and is not a proper post, post should be at least 5 lines (1 Paragraph) it's not difficult. Also STAY ACTIVE I can not Stress that enough Like seriously if you hold a position higher than chunin you need to be Active like at least 3 times a week

5. Advertising through pm's is allowed but tell one of the admins that you are doing so. If you are advertising without permission when we find out (we will) it's automatic ban.

6. This site is mature so gore is welcome anywhere however please limit the pure sex to topics with the code (M, Lemon, X, R) whatever just give a warning. Anything Else up to PG- 13 in sexual content is welcome anywhere else.

7. Death, can and will happen on the site it is a vital concept in Bleach and we aren't going to tone it down. However similar to the concept of reincarnation your character will have the option of being rped once again. More information is included in the Life, Death and Reincarnation Thread.

8. This is an AU Site, nothing Canon Happened here they aren't dead years haven't passed it's an alternate reality. As a result certain things on this site will be different however it is still a Bleach Site and the themes of that wonderful anime/manga will be kept.

9. One can not be in a Combat topic thread as well as a IC topic thread at the same time this is simply because a person can't be in two places at one time (Unless of course by some ability you can). OOC Topics & Training Threads have liquid time with the former being unlimited. Likewise if you wish to rp purely CD their are forums for that so you can indulge and not have to worry about breaking this rule, once the topic is completed it will be moved to IC topics in the locatio

10. No multiple accounts. Its annoying and it inflates the user base for no reason. If you want to make another character just follow the alternate character rules or ask nicely and I might waver the post count for you.

Those are my Ten commandments. Adhere to them or suffer the consequences.
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The Ten Commandments Of Bleach Origin
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