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 Zeichen Template

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PostSubject: Zeichen Template   Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:32 pm

The Zeichen is the base weapon of most Quincy. It takes the form of a trinket, most commonly in the shape of a cross, but it varies. Upon ranking up to Jagdarmee, the Quincy gains the ability to use Letzt Stil. Upon ranking up to Sternritter they gain the ability to use Volstandig. Upon awakening into an Erzengel the quincy gains the ability to obtain Herrschaft. Herrschaft is treated similarly to a Resurreccion and the powers it gives you varies, however they should reflect the powers of your Vollstandig in one way or another (Assuming you obtained Vollstandig before awakening.) As long as you are a Sternritter when you awaken to Erzengel, you will also gain the ability to obtain Aufstieg which is just like Herrschaft except a more powerful variant, similar to Segunda Etapa.

In the code for the template below there is an explanation for each part of the template, please follow these explanations to avoid confusion and disorder.


Zeichein Appearance:
Sanrei Appearance:
Letzt Stil Appearance:

Vollständig Appearance:
Powers and Abilities:
Spirit Weapon:

Herrschaft Appearance:
Powers and Abilities:

Aufstieg Appearance:
Powers and Abilities:


[b]Zeichein Appearance:[/b] The Zeichen is the trinket used as a base for a quincy's basic bow. Add a brief description of your's appearance or an image.
[b]Sanrei Appearance:[/b] The Sanrei is a glove that must be trained with to master, but upon completion it greatly increases the quincy's abilities (Rank up to Jagdarmee) It most commonly takes the form of a glove, but it can vary, as long as it is some sort of clothing. Brief description or image.
[b]Letzt Stil Appearance:[/b] Upon removal of their Sanrei a Quincy can enter a transformation known as Letzt Stil. This temporarily makes the Quincy far more powerful, as the cost of losing their Quincy powers afterwards. The appearance a quincy takes in this form varies, 1 paragraph minimum description or image.


[b]Vollständig Appearance:[/b] Vollständig is a powerful quincy transformation that varies greatly person to person. It must in some way reflect and angel and use the color white for the majority. 1 paragraph minimum description or image.
[b]Powers and Abilities:[/b] What powers and abilities does you Vollstandig grant you? Vollstandig powers vary greatly, so go crazy.
[b]Spirit Weapon:[/b] All Vollstandig gain a spirit weapon comprised entirely of reishi be it a bow, a sword, or even wings.


[b]Herrschaft Appearance:[/b] Herrschaft is a powerful transformation that is even stronger than Vollstandig. 1 paragraph minimum description or image.
[b]Powers and Abilities:[/b] What powers and abilities does your Herrschaft grant you? This needs to reflect your Vollstandig in some way (Assuming you gain Vollstandig before awakening.)


[b]Aufstieg Appearance:[/b] Aufstieg is the pinnacle of Quincy transformations. 1 paragraph minimum description or image.
[b]Powers and Abilities:[/b] What powers and abilities does your Aufstieg grant you? This needs to reflect your Herrschaft in some way, being a much more potent and powerful variant.

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Zeichen Template
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