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 Hollow Mask Template

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PostSubject: Hollow Mask Template   Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:03 pm

Two known races get Hollow Masks. One naturally, Hollow. One through training, Visored. While the mask for Visored increase their power tremendously, it doesn't give them any special abilities like a Hollow Mask for a proper Hollow does.

In the code for the template below there is an explanation for each part of the template, please follow these explanations to avoid confusion and disorder.


Powers an Abilities:


[b]Appearance:[/b] The appearance of your hollow mask. Brief description or image.
[b]Powers an Abilities:[/b] The unique power given to you by your hollow mask (Put N/A If Visored). The chosen ability can vary, but aren't usually too powerful, be reasonable.
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Hollow Mask Template
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