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 Raine Gray

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PostSubject: Raine Gray   Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:41 pm

Name: Raine Gray
Alias: n/a
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 21
Actual Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160lbs
Morality: Chaotic Neutral


Not so Subtle:

Personality: Ah yes, let's cut to the chase, this guy is crazy in the pure sense of the word. What I mean by crazy is that he will show you a baby puppy just to chuck it out a window than go save it just so he could throw it in the ocean. Yes this guy is totally bonkers and will rarely do the "sane" thing. Though being so insane, he feels is a good thing, so much that he likes to play sick demented games. For example: "I have your loved ones, If you want to save them I want you to bake me a cake with this set of ingredients, if i don't like how it taste I shall kill your family.... You have two hours, i'll be back, have to go eat." He is also fairly arrogant and full of himself.  Though for all of his bads there are some goods! For one thing, when he is calm and docile he is a rather ok person to be around, being somewhat kind, at least to people who have proven to be trustworthy or at least reliable. also is a compassionate person for people that he becomes friends with and would also protect them if he chose too. Also he enjoys the sounds of classical music and it would normally calm him down if he is throwing a tantrum. Also can play music so he is good at calming himself down ironically. Normally though he is a rebel but As weird as it would seem he is very loyal to his family. On the note of being a playboy, he enjoys indulging his carnal desires, and is very good at persuading women into help pleasuring said desires. Having an big ego and a strong sense of pride, he thinks of himself as the best and is not concerned about his height. Even at a young age he had already started heading towards being a pervert, firstly by peeping and then being more bold he would start lifting blouses and skirts.

In battle, he acts very arrogant and stupid, as well as eccentric, though this is mainly a ploy. In all honesty he is a sly tactician that pretends to be an idiot to get people to lower the guard and become full of themselves while he goes for their weak spot, also he is very smug even while in battle. Also in addition to being insane he is very analytical, and piercing ability of finding out what he wants, in English he's a madman with a silver tongue, isn't he just so lovable. However though in all in all thinks that the way he is, is for the best. Just imagine how dull things would be if their wasn't someone like him threatening to throw babies out of windows. If he were in the dictionary you would find him under Narcissist to put simply.

Race: Living
Status: Fullbringer
Well to start but the beginning... Not like Raine himself could know this but his story actually starts around 7 months of his mother's pregnancy. Just a peaceful night, his mother leaving the hospital, being driven by her limo driver. Oops forgot to mention that Raine's father has some influence and wealth.... Well Minor details! Yes just relaxing on her way back home and well, their was a 'car crash' that occurred. And by 'car crash' I mean a hollow attacked the car and well... Somehow his mother had survived the wreckage and so did Raine. Now the twist! Apparently high levels of stress like a few broken bones or something is enough to trigger labor. Raine would guess he wouldn't want to deal with that bs for any longer. He was born that a few hours later around 2 at night, unfortunately his mother didn't make it. Oh well, can't miss what you never had, or at least that's Raine would say...

He grew up normally or as normal as a rich kid who doesn't get showered with gifts get. Before I forget, Raine had a brother who was roughly 7 years older than him. Next to his father, Raine only loved his brother. As he grew up well he had a normal life as he was plainly a mischeivous child. He and his brother had always gotten in trouble. but it was under control as their wealth kept them safe. When his brother had hit 20, their father had passed away due to rather odd circumstance but well Raine didn't care much for him as much as he did his brother. His brother was a graceful CEO and Raine continued living his spoiled lifestyle and his brother showed no issue about covering for his little brother. Well... 7 years later... You guessed it... his brother was brutally killed in an corporate espionage. That destroyed Raine as he truly didn't know what to do... When it came to the business, he appointed someone the head and bacame the majority shareholder, that way he could just live his life and not have to worry about money... Sooner or later he started learning things, miracoulous things. Things that'll be brought up later, but for the most part he just does whateber he wants as he lives his life.
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PostSubject: Re: Raine Gray   Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:43 pm


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Raine Gray
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