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Topic Information

There are multiple kinds of topics you may participate in here on Bleach Origins.

The first topic type is CD (Character development) topics that don't involve fighting. These CD topics can be done in the "Future Area" where you may do these topics while being in a realtime topic with the same character. Once a future topic is finished and your character is no longer in a realtime topic, you may request for it to be moved to IC.

The next type of topic is Realtime topics. These are the main topics your character will be in that will be taking place in the present. You can only be in one of these at a time. Realtime topics can have fighting, and pretty much anything else.

The third type of topic is plot topics. These will be special topics that will have to do with whatever is going on in terms of the sites plot. There will almost always be fighting in these topics and the chances of death will be much higher than the other types of topics.

The last type of topic is a special kind, meant for the Hollow progression line only. These topics are called "Feeding Topics". These are topics that will be modded by a staff member. Your hollow will be presented with obstacles and opponents to defeat in order to "eat" them. This works in tandem with Hollow Progression (See Progression Information). Of course these topics are Real-time only as well.

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Topic Information
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